February 2020

JV Roster, Schedule, and Photos

Come and support out Bears!!!

General Information

   *Tickets are available at the gate.

    *MVHS Dug-Out Members - Free (with         Dugout Club Card)

    *GCPS Teachers - Free (with ID)

    *Children Under ___ - Free

   *Senior Bears (Over 65) - Free

   * Students - $ ____

    *All other Bear Fans - $ 5

Make sure you are looking for MVHS JV in the schedule.

JV Roster

Harrison Blackstone
Owen Davis
Daniel Dickey
Landen Fernandez
Justin Hannan
Ryan Heishman
Max Hobgood
Malachi Jeffries
Thomas Murcia
Tyshon Patty
Jackson Pritchett
Brandon Randall
Justin Reeves
Sam Tennell
Nicholas Thomas
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Ryan Heishman